The Workers of Today

If you look at any corporation, company, factory etc. you will see that the workers are on the bottom of the hierarchical structure while the employers are on the top, while this is common knowledge if you look a little bit closer you will notice that the work done by both types of people is vastly different.

If employers did not go to work one day yet the workers on the shop floor did without knowing that their employer was not there production would still continue as normal. However if the roles were reversed and workers did not go to work production would stop and the employer’s profits would come to an immediate stop making the workers vastly more important that the employers

In terms of salary workers get paid less than employers despite the fact that they are the very foundation of any business, corporation etc. For instance an employer will never worry about feeding his/her children while a worker will have to worry about feeding his/her children on a daily basis but also bills, rent, water charges etc. Based on this imbalance one might conclude that the current working world is unfair and unjust.

- Ross Halpenny, TY Work Experience




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