Our 4th Annual Youth 4 Decent Work Student Film Competition is upon us.

Following the success of last year's competition, we are pleased to anounce that this year will be our biggest competition yet. With fantastic prizes to be won, such as filmmaking workshops, not to mention the biggest prize of them all.... an all expenses paid trip to New York CIty. You now have more of an incentive than ever to go out and get your creative juices flowing. The final nominated films will get to be screened in the Savoy theatre in front all the other schools in the country. 



Students are asked to consider, as the basis for their video entry, the challenges workers have faced throughout history, starting in the period around the 1916 rising, the origins of which were rooted in the lockout of 1913, right through to the present day where we continue to struggle for decent work.
Essential components of the decent work framework have still not been achieved, such as a living wage, the right to fully collectively bargain for better conditions at work and ensuring all workplace environments promote dignity and respect for ALL.  These elements are crucial to the well-being of everyone in society and core to the Decent Work framework.  
The theme should be considered in the context of the Labour movement and the Decent Work framework.What difference did the events of 1916 make to workers’ everyday lives and what those events might mean to students and workers today?  Can you trace the influence of trade unions in society using the key events of 1913 and 1916 as a marker?  These are some of the questions you can consider when planning your entry.
You don't have to have all the ideas now, first register your team before 17th November and we will send you the terms & conditions with all the detail of what is involved.Keep an eye for future articles on here with helpful film making tips and tricks of the trade to help you make the most of your movie.



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