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wytec visit

TESTIMONIAL FROM WYTEC (Waterford Youth Training and Education Centre)

Beth-Anne O’Dwyer gave a presentation in our Centre on the 1913 Lockout on Thursday 14th November, 2013.  It was an excellent presentation.  Our learners enjoyed it and found it very interesting.  From an Instructors viewpoint Beth-Anne involved the learners and made it relevant to their lives.  She told them about the terrible poverty and lack of employment opportunities of the day and the terrible hopelessness that existed.  This hopelessness in reality meant they were never going to be able to lift themselves from the mire.  Even though the lockout was a failure it was the seed from which Unions sprang.  She was able to tie the awful events of 1913 to today’s lack of opportunities for employment for our learners without comparing them in a materialistic way as they cannot be compared in this way rather in the principles of the ongoing struggle for workers rights for all.  In this way she made the 1913 lockout relevant to our learners.  As with the previous module on “The working world” Youth Connect programme is a worthwhile programme and compliments the QQI (FETAC) modules on Work Experience and Career Preparation. - Betty Guilfoyle

beneavin de la salle visit

David O'Driscoll, our Dublin Region Champion visited Beneavin De La Salle, Finglas earlier in November this year. Here is what History teacher Martin McMullan had to say about the Youth Connect programme:


"The Youth Connect programme is well worth running in schools all across the country. It provides invaluable information to students about the reality of working life and the key role Trade Unions have to play in the promotion of fair pay and decent working conditions. Indeed, I found the section on the 1913 Lockout to be of particular resonance given that Ireland is experiencing the effects of Troika/Government imposed austerity and it is a time that Trade Unions, inspired by the stance of the workers in 1913, stand up to the people who wish them to take cuts, in some cases, drastic cuts, to their living standards while a small portion of society have their considerable wealth protected and even increased. Students found it fascinating to look back at the events that took place in their city all those years ago. They were very interested and engaged throughout the time the program was run."



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