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Youth For Decent Work Competition 2016: Safe and Healthy Workplaces

Fancy winning a trip to New York for 5 days with some of your friends? Who wouldn't?

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic trip we want you to get your friends together and make a team of 2 - 4 people to create a 3 minute video about safe and healthy workplaces in the context of Decent Work. Your team and classmates will then be invited to our Oscar-style Youth for Decent Work Award ceremony in the Savoy Cinema here in Dublin in March where the winning team will be announced.

What is involved?

This is the third year that Youth Connect has hosted the Youth4Decent Work video competition and it is getting bigger and better each year and we want you to be a part of it this year! 

We invite all second level and Youthreach students to to take part in the competition, to have fun and learn about Decent Work along way.  The concept of Decent Work has been around for a long time and at its core it is about ensuring workers have a decent quality of life. You can learn more about Decent Work HERE. This year we are asking students to consider the importance of a safe and healthy workplace in the context of the Decent Work framework, what it means to students and workers and its importance to wider society. We also want teams to portray their understanding of the role for trade unions in achieving Decent Work and helping to keep our workplaces safe and healthy for everyone. 

The video competition opens in Autumn and the Youth for Decent Work Award Ceremony is held in Spring each year. You can find all the important dates in the terms & conditions here. The overall winners and category winners are announced at the Oscar-style ceremony held in an iconic Dublin cinema. The top prize is a fantastic 5 day trip to New York for your team and your teacher. All participants are invited to attend, and all shortlisted videos are shown on the BIG SCREEN!

In last year's competiiton we asked students to examine the concept of income inequality. Watch video entries from last years' overall winner, category winners and category nominees HERE

Getting Started

Get YOUR team together
Decide who amongst your school friends might like to get together as a team to make a video on what you think about safe and healthy workplaces.  Use this opportunity to work together as a project team complete with a timetable and set of roles for everyone. 

Read the rules
Download the Terms and conditions above. 

Name that team
Get your team together, including your teacher, and decide on your team name. 

Simply register
Before 5pm on Thursday 19th November 2015, register your team using the online registration form at the end of this page.  It’s as simple as that.  Registration just indicates your intention to participate.

Making Your Video 

What is it all about?
Make finding out about the topic easier for yourselves and invite a YouthConnect Champion to your school, either by booking a lesson on our website or checking out which champion is available for your area HERE
The Champion can deliver a workshop on safe and healthy workplaces which will get you started in the best way possible!

Research research research
Yes, that’s right do some research, investigate this topic and take a perspective and understanding that appeals to YOU and your team …. Google it, Yahoo it, even visit your library, read a book, talk to people [yes real people] and check out our website. 

Plan your video project
Get the team together to brainstorm the type of video you wish to create [action, adventure, drama, historical, horror, documentary, science fiction, news etc].  Check out some of our great videos on our website including Tim’s tips which highlight some of the considerations to be included in your film making.

Who does what?
Agree the roles among your team members, who should be cast and who should be crew or mix it up and have a bit of both.  The cast are those who will appear in front of the camera or provide voices for the video – the acting team.  The crew are those involved in the shooting and technical aspects of the video such as the director, lighting operator, creative designer, camera operator, costumes, hair/make-up and in charge of props etc etc etc.

Write the script
Put together an outline of your video and begin to write your script and ensure you script not only the dialogue but also the action and everything that is supposed to happen.  This helps to ensure it makes sense and flows well.  This may need a couple of re-writes whilst shooting the video.

Be creative
Check whether any costumes or props are required and ensure that you know where to get them and whose responsibility it is for them during the shoot.

Film the action
Set aside some key dates when the team are available to film the action, ensure the props [if needed] are available and that everyone has those dates in their diary. Get familiar with the camera and equipment in advance of the film day to ensure it all runs smoothly on the day.

Post production
Once the shooting is completely finished you will need to import it for editing, then add sound and any other visual effects, including any animations, if using them. 

So remember view the video a few times and check;

• Editing is smooth and seamless between scenes;
• Good sound quality;
• Visuals/animations work well and look good

Pilot the video
Invite some of your other friends who have not been involved to view your video and provide you with some feedback on what they think of it.  This will be important as one of the category winners will be decided by public vote.

Submit the Video
Your video should be uploaded to reach us by 5pm on Thursday 28th January 2016. The video should be uploaded to YouTube, set to ‘unlisted’ and the link sent to youth4decentwork@gmail.com along with our submission forms which are available HERE.

Video Resource Material 

Not sure about how to make a video? Not to worry we have 3 fantastic new video series packed full of film tips!

Film Tips#1 looks at Pre-Production, Film Tips#2 looks at Production, and Film Tips#3 looks at Editing.

These instructional videos created by renowned film company 'Tailored Films' are designed with teachers and students in mind and will have something to offer everyone from the complete novice to those with some basic video making skills. Watch them on our You tube channel HERE



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